Link:  INDIVIDUAL FUNDRAISER TOTAL SPREADSHEET (COMING SOON!)  This is the spreadsheet you will fill out for your scout's orders and turn in to your Den Leader
Scanned order forms:  Want to send a picture of the product to family and friends?  Copy and paste the links below!

Please fill out the above spreadsheet with your fundraising order.  You only need to turn in the totals, so just fill out the one line for wreaths, the one line for popcorn, resave the spreadsheet and email to your Den Leader.  NOTE:  For any delivery orders, please include the address for delivery in the spreadsheet.  Remember there is a separate sheet for delivery with different prices for the items.
Please write a separate check for your wreath order and for your popcorn order, both made out to Pack 55.  Please give to your Den Leader at the Pack meeting (unless they specify differently).  
Opt out Payments:
Opt out checks should also be made out to Pack 55 and given to your Den Leader (unless they specify differently) at the Pack meeting.  This includes any partial opt out payments if you did not reach $350.

  • Sale Dates: September 14th - October 11th, 2017
  • Order Forms and Money Due: October 11th Pack Meeting
  • Wreath Distribution: November 18th at 9:30am - 11:30am DON"T BE LATE
    • We'll need as many volunteers as possible to meet at State Fair to pick up the wreaths.  We'll then need volunteers to meet at the North parking lot at Brook El to organize wreaths and pass out to each Scout.  Specific times will be available soon.  NOTE:  Each family must pick up their wreaths on 11/18 or have someone else pick them up for them.  There is no second date.
    • Sign up to help! 
  • Popcorn will be available from your Den Leader around mid-November - Date coming soon.
  • Scouts should Always be accompanied by an adult when selling.
  • Wear your uniform and be polite, even if they don't buy anything.
  • Know your products and explain why you are selling.
  • Try to get the cash at the time the order is taken so that the product can just be dropped off when it is available.
  • Checks should be written out to the scout's Mom or Dad's name so parents can write one check to the Pack at the end of the sale (our treasurer will thank you).
  • Wreaths can be direct shipped to out of town customers
  • Popcorn also has a Military Donation option available.
  • Consider attaching a thank you note on products when delivering.
How can boys pay for themselves to be a Cub Scout?

Opt Out Amt



Tier 1 Amt


Tier 1 - Basic Costs of Scouting

Tier 2 Amt


Tier 2 - Pack Mtg Activities

Tier 3 Amt


Tier 3 - 1 Camping Outing

Tier 4 Amt


Tier 4 - 2 Camping Outings or 1 Webelos Resident Camp

Tier 5 Amt


Tier 5 - All Camping

10% of gross sales will be returned to the scouts up to the amount eligible for reimbursement  (eg Pack registration, Winter Blast registration, etc)

Contacts in case of questions or problems:
Wreaths:  Brad Wagner (  262-501-3704
Popcorn:  Randy Wegner (

 Additional Documents (Optional)