PACK: Every Cub Scout is a member of a Pack. Pack 55 belongs to Brookfield Elementary. (You do not need to attend Brookfield Elementary to join Pack 55.) The Pack is run by a Cubmaster and meets once a month. Pack Meetings consist of activities such as: Flag Ceremonies, Skits, Advancement Ceremonies, and/or Family Fun Activities or Outings. All family members are welcome to attend and participate in Pack Meetings.


DEN: Packs are broken down into Dens. Dens are based on Grade Levels. Boys are assigned to a Den according to their grade when they join Cub Scouts. Each grade level may have one or more Dens.

1st Grade = Tiger Cub Den

2nd Grade = Wolf Cub Den

3rd Grade = Bear Cub Den

4th Grade = Webelos I

5th Grade = Webelos II

Dens meet separately. Dens are run by adult volunteers and are called Den Leaders. It is up to the Den Leader(s) how often the Den meets.

ACHIEVEMENTS:Scouts work on Achievements (sometimes referred to as Objectives) to earn their Rank. For example, Tiger Scouts work on Achievements from the Tiger Trail. Once all Achievements are complete, they earn their Tiger Badge, then start work on the Wolf Trail. Typically, it takes a scout most of the school year to earn their rank, but all scouts work at their own pace. Some Achievements are completed at Pack and/or Den Meetings while others are completed at home with a scout's adult partner.

ELECTIVES:There are also several Trail Electives offered for each Rank that scouts can choose from to complete. Completing 10 electives will earn the scout a Gold Arrow.  A Silver Arrow is earned for every 10 electives completed after that. There is sure to be an elective to spark the interest of every scout!


SPORTS and ACADEMIC LOOPS/PINS: There are several sport and academic electives a scout can choose to complete to earn Belt Loops and Pins. A Belt Loop is earned first, then the scout completes more complicated objectives to earn a pin.



ARROW OF LIGHT:Webelos (We Be Loyal Scouts) Scouts is the highest rank in Cub Scouting. Ultimately, a Webelos scout's mission to earn his Arrow of Light in turn preparing him to become a Boy Scout. The Arrow of Light is the highest award in cub scouting. A scout who has completed his Arrow of Light has also completed all objectives to become a Boy Scout.