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Wolf Planning OLD

The Wolf Badge is earned by completing 58 of the Achievements from the 12 Wolf Trail categories.  Achievements are completed at Den Meetings and at home with a scout’s adult partner.  Once all 58 achievements are completed, a scout will become a Wolf Cub Scout and earn his Wolf Badge.  The Wolf Scout may then earn Arrow Points by completing Electives. 
  • Wolf Achievements
  • Wolf Electives (For every 10 elective completed, a Wolf scout earns an Arrow Point.  The first 10 earns a gold arrow and every 10 additional earns a silver arrow. Arrows will only be awarded after a scout earns his Wolf Badge, but they may work on completing them any time throughout the year.  See the Scout Uniform for arrow placement on uniforms.)
  • Wolf Totems (Optional)

Additional documents from previous dens (for reference only, not mandatory):