EAA Overnight Camp-In
Saturday, May 16 - 17, 2015

Bear and Webelos 1 scouts and parent/chaperones are invited to attend the "Pack 55 2015 Experimental Aircraft Association EAA Overnight Camp-in" in Oshkosh, WI scheduled for Saturday 5/16 (plan to arrive at the museum and muster at 2:15 ~ 2:30 p.m., check-in at 3:00 p.m.) to Sunday 5/17 (check-out before 9:00 a.m.).

Attendance is being offered to Bears, Webelos 1's, and any parents/chaperones who wish to attend.  If all Bears, Web 1's attend there will be 28 scouts attending.  Any extra openings will be offered to any Web 2's.   Web 2's will be waitlisted in order of reply.  No guarantees of attendance are being made at this time as everything is on a space available basis. 

There is a maximum headcount of 40 scouts (number of seats in the classroom and flight simulator lab).   First come, first serve.

There is no maximum on the number of parents/chaperones.  Ideally there will be at least a 1 to 5 parent/chaperone-to-scout ratio but more parent/chaperone's are welcome. Chaperones must be at least 18 years of age or older.  Principal duty of chaperones is to oversee and maintain good order and discipline of the scouts.  For scouts who have never attended an overnight before, please consider having a parent attend along with him.  Better to be safe than sorry.

Because of the included education program, attendance is not suitable for younger scouts.

Cost is $47 per scout.  This covers the overnite charge, dinner and breakfast ($35) and the educational program ($12).

Cost for parents/chaperones is $15/person to cover dinner and breakfast.

Scouts who sold $500 during the fund raising campaign will receive a $17 discount (paying only $30), scouts who sold $1000 can choose this as their camping outing and come free, as can scouts who sold $1600 or more.  Parents/chaperones, however, still need to pay the $15/person fee.

The program starts with a guided tour of the museum and an overview of the history of aviation.

There is also a classroom instruction period on the physics, science and principals of flight.

Scouts also receive instruction in the EAA/Microsoft Flight Simiulator lab.  The lab uses PC's equipped with Microsoft Flight Simulator X.  Scouts are given instructions on how to pilot and takeoff in a Cessna 172 for a short hop flight from one airport, fly over a city and land at a different small airport.   (In 2013, Pack 55 Web 1 Scouts flew over part of St. Louis and along the Mississippi; I distinctly recall some of them trying to fly through the Gateway Arch.  They were then given headings and directions to fly north along the Mississippi River to a small regional airport where most of them landed ...or crashed.  Fortunately, all scouts survived. )   

Scouts were also offered an opportunity to sit in a bi-plane for picture taking.

Lastly, towards the end of the evening there is also a small group craft/science activity for the scouts.  The last time we attended, the boys were divided into teams of 2-3 and together (with only minimal adult help) had to use tissue paper, straws, tape, and string to design and build a "re-entry" capsule for a raw "egg-stronaut".  They then got to "launch" their re-entry capsules off a second floor balcony to see if their engineering design would allow their egg-stronaut to survive the landing intact...or not.

Dinner last time was hamburgers/cheeseburgers, salad, beverage and dessert.  Breakfast was a breakfast sandwich (think Egg McMuffin-like), cereal, juice, milk, etc.   Dining is in the museum cafeteria area.  If anyone has special dietary needs, these can be accommodated to some degree but we'll need to check in advance.  I will try to get the menu in advance and publish it to attendees.

All attendees will need to provide their own "camping gear", such as sleeping bags, blankets, pillows, cots, ground mats, air mattresses (electric outlets are available to power air pumps if needed), etc. Campers sleep indoors in the heated, covered lobby area near the entrance.  Public bathrooms are available in the musuem for changing.  Lights out was around 9:00 p.m.  Ear plugs advised for light sleepers as campers pretty much sleep shoulder to shoulder.  No separate sleeping accommodations for parents/chaperones, women or girls.

All attendees need to bring the completed BSA medical form.  As per BSA SOP, these are collected upon arrival and held by the BSA contact person/onsite coordinator.  At the conclusion of the event, the forms are returned to each participant.  They are only used if there is a medical emergency during the night.

BY APRIL 15, 2015 Please RSVP to Rachel Lortscher by email with the name of your scout, your den, and if you or another parent/chaperone wants to attend.

BY APRIL 15, 2015 Please give Rachel Lortscher a check payable to Pack 55 at the Pack meeting or drop one off at her house in the amount of your fees 

Check out the EAA Museum website for more information  
Night Flight.  
"A once in a lifetime chance to sleep along side the airplanes during this unique overnight experience! Your time will be spent exploring the museum and its exciting galleries. A dinner at night and breakfast in the morning help provide the fuel needed for a fun filled adventure in the EAA AirVenture Museum after hours!"