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2017 Swamp Fox Info/Pics

Swamp Fox Info/Pics

  • It is a fun, well organized, 2 night campout under the stars in tents.
  • All meals and activities are provided.
  • The boys and adults can shoot archery, bb guns (that's 2 belt loops right there), make pudgie pies and smores, camp, do skits and yells, and just have fun w/ evening campfires.
  • It is at Camp Long Lake in Dundee, WI. (1 hour drive).
  • It is a family friendly event and siblings are welcome (Note: at least one parent must come). 
  • Remember, most boys stay in scouting because of the camping! 
  • Swamp Fox is great bonding - away from the electronics and toward good old fashioned outdoor fun. 
  • Swamp Fox is worth trying!
  • But I don't have a tent - - - borrow one, or purchase one, you'll want to do this again.
  • But I don't know my schedule for September - - - This one goes in ink on the calendar and will outrank other committments
  • But I've never camped before - - - let us know and we'll help you, from giving a full list of what to pack to helping put up your tent.
  • But I need a CPAP machine to sleep - - - you're not alone, we run a cord to our site, just let us know you need in on it.
  • But I don't think I really like camping - - - your son will, you don't want to miss the bonding experience.
  • But I don't like outhouses - - - there are flush toilets and hot showers just steps away from our site
Help your son on his way to be as TOUGH AS A BOYSCOUT!

Also, don't forget that for scouts who met the $750 fundraising level, this could be their one free camping option!