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2017 Pinewood Derby

The PWD Weigh-in is Friday, 1/19 at 6:45-7:30pm at Brook El Cafeteria.  It is here completed cars are checked for weight (no more than 5oz), and design (under carriage clearance, wheel base width, etc) conformity and turned in (see attached for specifications and rules/limitations for design).  Scouts can't touch their cars after this date until after the races.  Scouts do not have to be in attendance to turn in their cars, but only cars turned in on 1/19 will be included in the race.  

The PWD race is Saturday, 1/20 at 11:30am-1:30pm in the Brook El Cafeteria.  It is here each car will race 4 timed races (one race on each of the 4 lanes) against randomly selected competitors.  With nearly 50 scouts, that is 4 races out of about 200.  

We are going to start out with the Lions participating in exhibition races. After that, Tiger and Wolf scouts will have their races and awards first, Bears and Webelos next (to give you an idea of when to expect to see your car race).  There will be overall and den specific trophies.  As opposed to last year, the winners are based on times, so a scout coming in 1st or last all 4 races doesn't translate into best or worst car.  Scouts do not need to be in attendance for their cars to race.  Scouts may only touch their car for emergency repairs (eg a wheel fell off).  My car is not going fast enough, is not an emergency.  

So, get your car if you haven't already, and start planning and executing your designs.  Remember, this is a race for the scouts, so the scouts should be doing most of the work and be highly involved.  Its great bonding time!

There will be concessions available during the races.

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