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2016 Winter Cabin Camping

January 8 - 10, 2016
Pack 55 Winter Cabin Camping at IMR scout camp, Oconomowoc
Just 20 minutes west is a great scout camp.  For the weekend we have a HEATED (no wood burning stove this year!) cabin.  We're responsible for our own activities and food.  Most activities will focus around acomplishing adventure requirements for the different ranks, they will be intermingled with having fun in general.  Depending upon which ranks sign up, adjustments may be made.  Suggestions also welcome to help fulfill or not repeat requirements.  Webelos may come without an adult, all others need an adult.  Email Rachel Lortscher ( to sign up, drop off checks made out to Pack 55 at 21970 King Arthurs Ct, Brookfield.  Include name of each participant (and rank for scout).  Cost $25/person.  Scouts who reached the $1000 fundraising level can choose this for one of their free camping outings.  Limited to the first 40.  RSVP and pay by 12/21.
  • Hiking (Wolf - Paws on the Path, Bear - Fur, Feathers, and Ferns, Web - Webelos Walkabout),
  • sledding - they have an AWESOME hill! 
  • indoor and outdoor cooking (Bear - Bear Necessities, Webelos - Cast Iron Chef),
  • meal set up and clean up (with job charts) (Tiger - Team Tiger),
  • camping overnight (Wolf - Call of the Wild, Bear - Bear Necessities),
  • campfire (indoor) show (magic tricks if you need to do one) (Wolf - Call of the Wild, Wolf - Howling at the Moon, Bear - Bear Necessities),
  • initiative and other games (Tiger - Games Tigers Play, Bear - Grin and Bear it),
  • team competitions,
  • knot tying (Wolf - Call of the Wild, Bear - Bear Necessities),
  • outdoor code (Wolf - Call of the Wild, Web - Webelos Walkabout),
  • Leave No Trace (Wolf - Call of the Wild, Web - Webelos Walkabout),
  • Flag Ceremony (Wolf - Council Fire),
  • see an Indian Mound (Bear - Paws for Action)