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2014 Webelos Resident Camp

For those of you who are starting to plan your son's summers, I wanted to let you know that the Webelos Resident Camp we are planning to go to is session B, Sun-Wed, Aug 10-13. Web I's had a fantastic time last year, and are looking forward to it again this year.  We hope you can join us!
  • This year's Bears and Web I are eligible to go this summer (parents are optional). 
  • The boys sleep in pairs in tents we borrow from the Boy Scouts
  • They earn 2 Webelos pins during the camp.
  • They have free time to go boating, swimming, fishing, do Archery, and much more.
  • Its a great opportunity for camping with a little more freedom, getting them ready for camping as a Boy Scout.

How / When do I sign up?
We will have sign up in April so we get the early bird rates, this is just informational so you can save the date.

How much is it? 
$135/scout - for scouts at the $1000 level, this could be your free camping - for those at the $1600, it is all free!

How do they get there?
The adults who sign up to go caravan all the boys up together.  Last year we met and dropped on at Brook El.

Does an adult need to go with each scout, like family camping?
No.  We will need a couple adults to join us as chaperones, but it is not a 1:1 ratio.  Any parents are welcome to sign up and join us, but it is not required.  Last year we had 12 boys and 4 adults and it was plenty!

I'm worried about my son alone?
The Pack has adult chaperones that go up with them.  They are doing organized things much of the time all together.  Also, the boys use the buddy system - and we are very strict about that.  They are encouraged to use their free time to try any of the offerings that interest them, but NEVER alone - even to the bathroom.  Life jackets are required for boating and fishing on the pier, and there are life guards for swimming.  Swim tests are required by all - we do it right when we get there - and they can only go in the area they have qualified for.  This is a great time to give the boys a little more freedom, but still in a very safe way. 

Is camping important?
Camping is the number one reason boys stay in scouting.  Even in Boy scouts, its said that boys will stay in a mediocre program just for the summer camping.  Help your son stay in scouting - send him camping!

Why Webelos Resident Camp?
Its fun, they earn 2 Webelos pins, its fun, its camping, its fun, the boys learn independence, its fun, the boys learn responsibility, its fun.

Rachel Lortscher